How to Optimize your Morning (when you aren't an early morning person!)

I know better than anyone how hard it is to have a successful morning. I am a morning person, yes. But I am more of a 7am morning person, not a 5am in the morning person. So teaching Mysore in the wee hours of the morning goes against my natural rhythm.

When you have to be someplace at 6am every minute counts in the morning. Here are my tips for optimizing my morning and maximizing how late I can sleep.

  1. These are the things I do every night before bed so that I have the best possible chance of getting out the door and to the studio on time in the morning. These tips are helpful for anyone, not just if you are going to Mysore.
  2. I prepare my beverages the night before. I like to drink water with lemon in it while I am teaching in the morning. I fill up my water bottle with lemon the night before. I use a hydroflask so that the water will stay cold for 24 hours. And then I put it in my bag the night before so that I don’t have to think about it at all in the morning!
  3. I take my...
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