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In-Person Workshops

Yoga Shala Nashville

May 14 - 17, 2022

Registration is open! A full weekend of workshops plus Mysore. Virtual option available. Sign up here.

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Dallas Ashtanga Yoga Shala

September 17 - 18, 2022

Save the dates! Registration will be opening soon.

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Online Interactive Courses

6 Week Course

Primary Series Interactive Online Study

The complete online resource for the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Learn the practice, the postures, and the theory of the Ashtanga Yoga System.

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6 Week Course

Second Series Interactive Online Study

The ONLY complete online training for the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Gain confidence, get guidance, deepen your practice.

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6 Week Course

Yoga Teacher Group Mentorship Program

Take your teaching to the next level by getting guidance from someone who has walked the path before you. This program will help you become a more confident and a more competent teacher.

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Mysore Semi-Private

Just like a regular Mysore class, but turned up a notch. This is a small group Mysore class. Come prepared to work hard, get lots of feedback, and do postures more than once. And yes, if you get a group of people together you can have your own semi-private group.

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Arm Balances and Inversions

As it turns out, handstands have little to do with our hands! Join me to explore and break down the fundamentals of going upside down. In this workshop you will gain comfort and ease with this fun, liberating asana, using breath, bandhas, and full-body integration to find strength and alignment.

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Core for Yogis

This workshop focuses on some key Pilates and core-strengthening movements that will help build strength in your asana practice. Expect an emphasis on core strength, controlled movement, and correct muscle activation. These core movements will help you rehabilitate, stabilize, and strengthen.

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Be Hippy

There are so many reasons to do hip-opening poses. As modern-day humans with modern-day human routines, we all tend to hold a lot of tightness and stress in our hips. This workshop will take the student through a hip sequence to improve range of motion and work towards difficult asanas such as lotus and foot behind head.

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Ashtanga Essentials

This workshop will focus on the Ashtanga essentials: Breath, Bandhas, Dristhi, Vinyasa, and Sun Salutations. Combined these are elements that make Ashtanga Yoga unique. This workshop will breakdown the fundamentals. It's perfect for new students or experienced ones who are ready to refine.

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Build a Better Backbend

Strength and alignment are crucial to the long-term practice of backbends. In this workshop, you will learn how to safely bend your back. We will start with and exploration of upward-facing dog and will build up to full backbend. In this workshop, you will carefully and safely open the front side of the body and find length in the backside of the body.

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I'd love to support you and your community. I teach yoga and meditation workshops for everyone. Fill out this form and I'll respond to you within 48 hours.

What Students Are Saying


"Jen is a pioneer in the Ashtanga world for women. I very much appreciate her accessible approach to the practice. In a future-focused way, she is able to preserve the essence of the Ashtanga tradition, yet teaches with modernity. As a practitioner I feel taken care of and as a teacher I feel inspired."


"It's like having a Mysore program but online and in the comfort of your home! Jen's feedback from this study is true gold and vastly advanced my practice. Amazing course for all yogis!"



"Jen has helped me become more comfortable and learn how to fit the practice to my body rather than forcing my body to fit the practice. For the first time ever I really feel as if Ashtanga is possible for me."


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