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Interested in getting strong while keeping your flexibility?

Pilates for Yogis is for you.

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A four week series diving into the fundamentals of Ashtanga and teaching you how to practice with confidence on your own.

Begins January 12.

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Beginners' Corner

New around here?

Everyone starts as a beginner. That's why I made a special page for you full of resources to help you get started.

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Ashtanga Masterclass

Interested in starting or deepening your Ashtanga journey? Check out my FREE Ashtanga Masterclass Video and Starter Kit!

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Mentorship Program

Teachers talk a lot about holding space. But what I have learned is that it's not actually space we are holding - it's people.

This program is for students and teachers who want the help and guidance of someone who pushed play before you did. You are not alone. ❤️

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An Ashtanga Teacher's Five Keys

I try to make a point of taking a minute every so often to reflect on what I believe in as a teacher. I think it helps me to not only be a better teacher, but a better practitioner. There are a handful that have grown with me, the way my practice has grown with me. I believe that yoga is for everyone. I believe it’s for every body type, every gender, every race, every lifestyle, every schedule, every diet, every body. I believe it belongs to everybody. As a teacher, I believe most importantly that the practice journey belongs to the student. These are my five keys to remembering that.

Online and In-Home Privates

Your unique practice, personalized for your unique body and mind. This is the ideal way to learn how to modify the practice for an injury or to learn how to work with your challenges. Private classes are a great opportunity to break down difficult asanas and learn new techniques, or to create a customized approach based on your needs and wellness goals.

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An energetic speaker who is passionate about sharing her expertise on wellness, mindfulness, and yoga. Book Jen today!

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Intro to Ashtanga Course


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Foam Rolling for Strength and Recovery

An hour of instructional videos on how to use a foam roller for both stability core exercises as well as muscle recovery.

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Pilates for Better Posture

30 minutes of Pilates exercises sequenced to strengthen your posture and counter the effects of sitting at a desk all day.

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Advanced Core for Yogis

Build your confidence in moving with control, strength, and grace, as you learn to hug your midline and find your central axis. A greatest hits of Pilates exercises, if you will.

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Pilates for Arm Balances and Inversions

20 minutes of Pilates exercises chosen to strengthen your core and shoulder girdle for arm balances and inversions. Find full body integration in Pilates exercises so you can find it more easily in your asana practice.

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Pilates for Twists and Backbends

25 minutes of Pilates exercises selected and sequenced to tone your obliques and strengthen your back. Learn how to rotate your trunk using your obliques, and strengthen the back side of your body so you can find length in your backbends!

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Pilates for Yogis Bundle

Buy both and save - while doubling your core strength!

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"I benefitted from Jen's example, her encouragement, and her no-drama approach to the practice. Jen teaches her students to show up, over and over, she provides support and also leaves a lot of space for each student to learn what the practice is for them."

Maryl Baldridge
Owner Georgetown Yoga and DuPont Circle Yoga

"Jen René is one of the hardest working and passionate teachers I know. Through the true and deep connections she has with her own teachers, her dedicated students students and her own practice inspired one of the most thriving Mysore programs in the country."

Owner and Creator of Flow Yoga Center

"Jen's instruction is accurate and effective. Through her teaching she empowers students and allows them to flourish and grow."

Sandy Fennel
Yoga Student and Teacher

"This course is great. The reason why I bought it is to help me to remember and re-focus on these foundation postures after having practiced Ashtanga a number of years. The foundation poses are really important. The way Jen broke down the poses helped me to slow it down and think about each part of it. I have to say it was hard!"

Jolie Matthews
Dedicated Ashtanga Student