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Hi, I'm Jen

I'm the founder of Ashtanga Central - your hub for practice. It's my mission to make Ashtanga Yoga fun and accessible. So that you can find joy in your practice and practice for the long haul.

I've been teaching yoga and Pilates for almost 20 years. Although I've dabbled in most styles of yoga, my passion is Ashtanga Yoga. My practice and my teaching has been influenced by some of the best teachers of our generation. I do my best to always teach to the student in front of me - whether that person is on day one or year ten of practice.

I take a light-hearted and inconclusive approach to the discipline of yoga, making it a priority to bring joy to yoga. My biggest goal is to instill in students a devotion, faith and enthusiasm for the practice. I believe that yoga is for everyone – it can be  beautiful, but usually it’s much more of a beautiful mess.

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What people are saying...

Student Raves

Even though I've moved away from Jen, I travel 600 miles (each way) monthly to work on Third Series with Jen. Her ability to teach from such a high level of experience while tailoring instruction to my personal practice is something I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Krista Yoga Teacher

"Jen René is one of the hardest working and passionate teachers I know. Through the true and deep connections she has with her own teachers, her dedicated students students and her own practice inspired one of the most thriving Mysore programs in the country."

Owner and Creator of Flow Yoga Center

I give my highest recommendation to Jen and her online teachings. She makes yoga accessible to many levels, those who enjoy modifications and those who seek perfection. I was new in the Second Series and could have found reasons not to do it - too old, too little flexible. Jen is a great teacher who creates the perfect stimulus. If you have a chance to study with her, take it!

Dr. Alois Mair

"I benefitted from Jen's example, her encouragement, and her no-drama approach to the practice. Jen teaches her students to show up, over and over, she provides support and also leaves a lot of space for each student to learn what the practice is for them."

Maryl Baldridge
Owner Georgetown Yoga and DuPont Circle Yoga


Ashtanga Central is the complete online resource for continuing your yoga education, providing all the in-depth explanations, examples, and resources of a studio right in the comfort of your own home.


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