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The Mentorship Program

for wellness professionals, yoga teachers, and committed students

You'll find confidence and clarity through our collaboration

Are you ready for positive movement forward?

Do you feel like you're trying to figure out too much on your own?

Do you want the help of someone who is ahead of you on the journey?


Who is the Mentorship Program For?

Yoga Teachers Who Want to Take Their Business Online

Are you ready to reach more people and have a bigger impact? I can help you develop and online course or studio and take your teachings online.

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Teachers Who Want to Improve Skills

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to fine tune teaching skills, build class size, and teach workshops and retreats? Learn more about how I can help you.

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Committed Students Who Want Personalized Guidance

Are you a serious yoga student who wants guidance on practice? Are you learning a new series, stuck on a pose, or need help with accountability? I've got your back.

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The Power of Partnership

There's a reason we seek out other people when we're starting something new – whether a formal teacher, a more experienced friend, or someone who's starting fresh right there alongside us. It's not just about what we can learn from them, and a mentor isn't synonymous with a teacher.

If you are looking to grow your yoga or wellness business or take your teaching online this program is for you. If you are ready to have a bigger impact, make more money, and grow your business in a way that is aligned with your values keep reading.

If you are a serious student who wants guidance on this journey and to be held accountable this program is for you. There's a lot to hold in yoga, let me help you.

The mentorship program is customized to meet your needs and goals, whether you're just starting a practice or if you're in the business of sharing it with others.

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Ready for Positive Movement Forward?

A mentor is someone who pushed play before you. Someone you feel a strong connection to. Someone who understands what you are going through because they have been there before.

 A mentor is someone who understands what you need to do be successful. A mentor understands where you are now and has a bigger vision for you then you can have for yourself.

Up-Level Your Squad

Surround yourself with people who encourage you to go after you dream. A mentor is someone who has perspective, influence and wisdom about the field.

They help you get where you need to go quicker and with less doubt. Having the right mentor can fast track your success.

Get the guidance and support you desire. 

How Can I Help You?

Here are a few ideas. 

Take Your Teaching Online

I've been teaching yoga online since 2016. I've experimented,  studied, and been coached. Let save you time and effort and  teach you what worked for me.

Build and Grow a Yoga Community

I directed one of the biggest Mysore rooms in the US. We served up to 50 people a morning. This community eventually took on a life of its own. I can help you build, sustain and retain a community.

Create Workshops, Courses or Retreats

Make a bigger impact on your students through special offerings. Workshops, trainings, retreats, and apprenticeship programs can serve you and your community. Learn how.

Adjustments, Seeing Bodies, and Advancing Students

Learn advanced adjustments, how to see the body in front of you, and how to advance students through the Ashtanga System.

Teaching Sustainably

You can't pour from an empty cup. I can teach you how to teach sustainable, develop apprentices, and make teaching work for you.

Deepen Your Own Practice

You don't have to be a teacher to mentor with me! If you want to deepen your own practice and develop your asana, I've got you covered.

What's Included in this Program?

One on One Calls

Six one on one ZOOM coaching calls are provided with this mentorship. Most people like to meet every other week, but you decide what works for you.

Email and Text Support

I'm here to support you in between calls! Text or email me with questions and concerns and I'll help you make decisions and navigate concerns.

Video and Document Feedback

Outside of our calls I can review websites, asana videos (of you or your student) and documents that you are using for your studio.

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In case there is anything I missed, here are some FAQs.

OK, let's recap!

When you join The Mentorship Program, you'll receive the following guidance and support.

Six One one One Zoom calls to strategize about your business or your practice.

Text and email support. Got a bruning question that can't wait until your next one one one? Send it!

Opportunity to submit webpages, documents, write-ups, and descriptions for feedback and critique.

Book a Discovery Call

Want to learn more about the mentorship program and decide if it's a good fit for you? Hit the button below and select One on One from the drop down menu.

Please do not book a One on One unless you are fully able to commit to the financial investment of this program. I carefully review each and every application, holding space for each person who schedules a call. I take this process seriously, and I ask that you do too. The Mentorship Program starts at $1000. πŸ’› Jen 

What people are saying...


THANK YOU!! My apprenticeship program is already at 5! I’m limiting to 6….I am shocked at how easily it is selling and I am so grateful for your guidance.
Sandee Lawless
Founder Burning Spirits Yoga
I really can't thank Jen enough for helping me build my online membership site. It has reminded me that I can still learn new tricks and evolve. Jen is an incredibly supportive mentor. She gives you actionable steps during every session and perspective when things seem impossible. I could not have built my online business without her. I highly recommend working with her to elevate your business.
Maggie Lively
Founder Lively Movement
Working with Jen has been one of the best business decisions I have made this past year. She ushered me through the whole process of launching my website and my digital product from creation to marketing along with all the technological nuts and bolts. I am super excited to continue my journey with her as my mentor!
Siobhan Carlton
Founder Healthy Living with Siobhan
I discovered Jen while looking for inspiration on Instagram. I was in search of a mentor who could help leverage me to the next rung. She appeared playful, competent in her field and stood out to me as someone staying current and informed.  Jen helped me to successfully convert my Heart Wide Open Women’s Empowerment in-person program to an on-line platform. With her marketing guidance I was able to fill the group and start a membership.  Heart Wide Open Women’s Empowerment University Membership and Programs are well on their way thanks to her!
Hannah Zackney
Founder Heart Wide Open University

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