Jen René

Mindfulness Expert • Wellness Leader • Speaker

I bring mindfulness and wellness into the workplace so that you can get more done with less stress.







Popular Key Note Speeches

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The Mindful Path to Leadership

Learn how mindfulness can improve your decision making process and enable you to be a more effective leader. These mindfulness techniques will aid you in better supporting your organization and people.

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How to Bring Mindfulness to Your Organization

Mindfulness in the workplace starts with leadership. Incorporating mindfulness practices as part of a routine creates reliability and consistency.

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Be Present Now

Learn how to create well-being in the moment. In this talk you will learn how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life and use it as a tool to manage stress.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Gain a clear understanding of mindfulness and how it improves overall wellbeing.
  • Learn meditation and breathing exercises that can be practiced on own immediately.
  • Identify changes that can be made to improve mindfulness in day to day life.
  • Be introduced to resources for continuing education and mindfulness practice.

Meet Jen René

Jen René has dedicated her career to helping others live a healthier lifestyle. She is excited to help you create a healthy, sustainable workplace where all people can thrive.

Jen engages her audience through a mix of lecture and experiential practice. She creates a safe environment that encourages participants to experience the benefits of mindfulness, share their experiences, and be receptive to learning. Jen inspires participants to cultivate better well being, engage in new experiences and find peace.

Mindfulness is simple, but it takes a lot of work. Jen provides practical ways for participants to integrate what they have learned into daily life so that they can flourish at work and in life.

Jen holds a master’s degree in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies from George Washington University. She left her cooperate career ten years ago to pursue a career in contemplative and mindfulness practices.

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"Jen's presentation and speaking style was natural, engaging, and entertaining. Feedback was off the charts for her keynote."

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