What Teaching Means to Me

teacher development Oct 04, 2020

There are a lot of reasons people get into teaching yoga, but for me? I started teaching because it felt like I couldn’t do anything else. Not that I wasn’t able to do anything else with my life, because I knew I was. It was that I couldn’t. Once I started teaching, I knew it was my calling, and I knew that making it my livelihood was crucial to my happiness.

Like many, I teetered at the edge at first. I was teaching part-time and spending the rest of my time working a job I hated. I was enthusiastic about my practice, I loved studying, and I enjoyed the classes that I did teach. I didn’t want to jump in halfway, but I was scared like many of us are at the start of a huge new journey.


Then, as things do sometimes, everything came together all at once. I was in Shasta when Tim asked me when I was going to start teaching Ashtanga and I didn’t have an answer. When I returned to DC, Deb (the owner of the studio I worked at) told me that if I...

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