Sustainable Home Practice

sustainable practice Nov 11, 2020

Next week will be the start of my tenth month of home practice. And like many of you, this will likely continue for a while longer.

Quarantine has revealed to me many of the things in my life that weren't truly sustainable for my practice,  let alone my lifestyle. My travel schedule had gotten to be too much for me. It often left me more tired than it did fulfilled. This, of course, plays out in my practice and in the rest of my life. 

Quarantine is also revealing to me the parts of my life that I value the most. Topping that list is my family, who I miss like crazy and am saddened not knowing when I'll see them again. I miss teaching in person every day and connecting with students. I miss my community - which I'm doing my best to recreate online. And  of course my practice - which like you, provides me with routine, strength, and stability, in more ways than one.

Now, I'm no stranger to self practice, I did it for a decade. But even I am finding...

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