2020 Vision 🤓

What I love about the New Year is that it’s filled with so much possibility. What I love about the end of the year is the beautiful opportunity to reflect on what went right over the past 365 days and what I can do better in the New Year. I like to get really clear about what I want and put it on paper to make it more real and more achievable.

As a yoga teacher the New Year is one of the busiest times for me. Classes are full and everyone is anxious to make good on their resolutions. Twelve months later in December, only the diehards remain.

So what happens to our New Year’s resolutions between January and December? How can we make them stick?

I’ve spent a lot of time studying how to build good habits and systems and goal setting to help students stick to practice. Here are some ideas for you to improve your practice this year:

  1. Get clear about what you want to accomplish. 
  2. Put it on paper. Notes in the phone are nice but there’s something more real...
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