Three Yoga Sutras for Trying Times

yoga sutra May 30, 2020

 The last few months have been difficult for so many people in so many ways. I’ve received a lot of questions from students over the past two months about maintaining a home practice, dealing with negative thoughts, and coping with isolation at home, as well as frustration with the world at large.

I try to teach with Yoga Sutras when I can, because they’re authoritative and timeless. Even though the sutras are two-thousand years old, they provide a map of the mind and the consciousness and give a greater context to our practice.

That’s why I want to attempt to discuss three that I think are very relevant right now.

YS 1.20 śraddhā-vīrya-smṛti-samādhi-prajñā-pūrvaka itareṣām

Some people are lucky and samadhi happens naturally. The rest of us need to help this practice along by relying on certain techniques:

Sraddhā - Faith in what we are doing, conviction, embodied trust.

Vīrya - Enthusiasm, energy, vitality, strength.

Smṛti - Memory. More specifically,...

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