My Digital Detox

digital detox Oct 14, 2017

Retreat. Unplug. Step out of the busyness.

Its hard to remember now what life was like before my iPhone. I don’t know when my free spirit became dictated by connection, but it happened.

Constantly being an arms distance from my phone not only means that I am always connected, it means that I am always working since most of what I do somehow relates back to teaching. It gives me the sense that I am being pulled in different directions, that I always have more to do or something better to do than be where I actually am.

My phone triggers me. I’m constantly getting messages, emails and texts from people who want something from me. I seem to never be getting messages from the people I want to hear from and I look anxiously at my phone to see if I somehow missed a text. I check my social media stats and compare posts. When that thing is within arms reach I can’t get any peace.

My meditation teacher, John Churchill, says peripheral vision is physically becoming more...

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