Visualization as a Practice Technique


Ever consider using visualization in your practice? 

Visualization, or mental imagery, has long been used by top athletes as part of training. I figured if Michael Phelps uses visualization, then I probably should too.

Studies show that mental imagery can help both mentally and physically. I tend to use it primarily with really difficult poses. Here are my tips for your visualizing yourself in an asana.

  • Make a mental image of what you want the pose to look like.
  • Imagine what your body would actually feel like in that pose. What would be working? What would be activated? How exactly would you feel physically?
  • Now imagine how you would feel emotionally. Would you feel confident? Would you feel relaxed? Would you feel effortless? Would you feel calm? Would you feel like a badass?
  • Visualize the posture from start to finish. Imagine your breath. Get specific, don't forget the details.
  • You can do this for a few moments before the posture or you can do it outside of your practice -...
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