How I Deal With Frustration in Practice

frustration Mar 06, 2020
Ever feel like storming off your mat in frustration? Or worse yet, not even getting on it? We all feel frustration with practice from time to time. So how do we deal with it? Oftentimes, this is actually two questions: one is about frustration with your own practice; the other is frustration because you’re comparing yourself to others.
We all get frustrated with our practices sometimes, but it can be easier to break out of if you can remember the two central concepts of impermanence and nonattachment. Whatever it is you’re frustrated with will change, just like everything in life does. So recognize and accept the impermanence of the moment and the frustration, love the whole process, and move forward in your practice without attachment to the outcome.
But with the frustration of comparing yourself to others, it can be a little easier to address because you don’t need to change your own mindset. All you need to do is remove the things you’re...
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