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Keep the Energy Flowing in Purvattanasana

ashtanga purvattansana purvottansana yoga Jan 28, 2018

Purvattanasana is a full body integration pose in Primary Series. It's strengthens the backside of the body and opens the front side of your body.

It opens shoulders and chest, tones hamstrings and glutes, and works our entire body.

  • Start with elbows bent
  • Pull low belly in and scoop pelvis
  • Extend arms as you lift up
  • Push toes down, lift butt up
  • Bend elbows and pull hips back to lower down

Entering and exiting purvttansana in this way gives you the chance to work your entire body safely.

Want more full body integration tips? Check out my free online course on your central axis.

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