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Karandavasana: Step by Step

ashtanga karandavasana pincha mayurasana yoga Apr 30, 2018

Karandavasana is a challenging pose. Don't let yourself feel overwhelmed. Instead break it down into a series of doable steps.

  • The first step is a solid pincha mayurasana. I'm pretty strict about this in my mysore room - if you can't hold pincha, you won't be able to do karandavasana. So be patient here and use it as an opportunity to get strong. Need more help in pincha? Check out my online class Advanced Core for Yogis.

  • In order to do karandavasana you have to be able to do lotus with no hands. This is tricky. You can learn more about lotus in my online class Be Hippy. I do occasionally let students do karandavasana by lowering into a bakasana with the forearms on the mat. So if a student has a knee injury or ankle injury or just can't do lotus then I give them this alternative.

  • Next I typically have students practice lotus with no hands and lowering the lotus from a tripod headstand. It's easier for most people to balance in headstand than it is pincha. If a student doesn't have a solid tripod headstand they could do this from a regular headstand.

  • Once you are able to do lotus in pincha start to lower it to the point that you can lift it up. Resist gravity here and lower slowly. Try to take the lotus lower and lower every time you practice - even if its only a half inch - and try to bring it back up.

  • Lowering down slowly uses the same muscles as lifting up - but in this direction gravity helps! So go slowly.

  • Not convinced your lotus fits on your upper arms? Try it from a seated position and tuck your lotus to your armpits. This strengthens your core and gives you the sensation of apanic energy.

  • Never rest the weight on the forearms. Even if you are lowered all the way down, keep the sensation of you lifting you up!

  • If you coil tightly then all you have to do to come back up is uncoil! Learn the movement in one direction first - and then work on building the strength for the other direction.

  • Be patient and keep practicing. This one might take a lifetime!

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