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Be Grateful

gratitude meditation mindset practice Nov 21, 2017

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins - Neale Donald Walsh

If you want to create more good in your life, you need to start recognizing and being grateful for the good you already have. People who are grateful lead happier lives - it’s that simple. Being grateful contributes to resilience and the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.

Gratitude puts everything into perspective - you can’t be grateful and angry simultaneously.

You get to choose gratitude now. Gratitude is not just about being thankful for the good things in your lift. Rather, it is about being thankful for everything in your life. Practicing gratitude helps direct energy in a positive direction and away from ruination about what isn’t going well, and often what isn’t within your control.

So, reframe your struggles. You don’t have to wait until you make it to the other side. Look at how you are being challenged and think of how much you get to learn and be thankful.

I suggest practicing a gratitude meditation every day. It doesn’t take much time, so it is easy to incorporate into your life and easy to maintain. The cumulative effect of this is huge. If you put yourself into a positive mindset at least once a day, over time you begin to realize that everyday is a good day (or at least part of every day!).

  • Ask yourself what you are grateful for. Allow any image, memory, thought, sensation or feeling to come to you. Think of how what you are grateful for makes you feel and then allow yourself to feel that way right now. Let yourself fill up with gratitude for these moments.
  • Write down what comes to mind and how it makes you feel. I also suggest writing down things that you are grateful for that you believe will happen. This is a great way to work on manifesting what you want in your life.
  • If your belief and gratitude muscles are weak, simply start small! Be grateful for the littlest things that have happened, and be thankful for the smallest things that you believe will happen.

I think one of the most amazing benefits to naming your blessings is that you start to realize how insignificant monetary things are for your day-to-day happiness. The majority of my grateful moments don’t cost a cent: my health, my practice, my meaningful relationships, a beautiful sunset, fresh air… and thats something to really be grateful for.

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