Empower Your Yoga Practice Free 5 Day Challenge

Deepen Your Practice ➢ Build Confidence ➢ Lose the Guru Mentality 


Learn how to practice yoga on your own - no teacher required. This program will empower you to extract more out of your yoga practice and challenge you to think about yoga in new ways. No matter if you're sore, tired, or busy there is a practice to meet you where you are.


Empower Your Yoga Practice 
5 Day Challenge

Are you ready to own your yoga practice? Are you tired of feeling guilty or like you're doing it wrong? Do you want to become a more confident teacher or practitioner?

Join my five day free challenge and start deepening your yoga practice so you can build confidence in what you know. This course will challenge you to find new ways to look at the postures and the practice.

Take this 5 Day Challenge and by Day 6 you'll be ready to go.

Challenge begins September 28! All classes are live. Tune in Monday through Friday at 10:00 am PDT.

Here's What You'll Learn

This LIVE video training is geared for practitioners and teachers alike. You are invited to join me for five days of livestream yoga practice and conversations. Each day we will cover a new aspect of the yoga practice. You are invited to participate live or watch the replay at your convenience. Each livestream will reveal a useful practice trick, technique or teaching that you can start implementing today. This training will teach strategies for enhancing your practice and embodying your body so that you can get the most out of your yoga practice and feel more confident in sharing your teachings with others.

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Deep Dive into Asana

At the end of this lesson you'll understand core concepts yoga asana. These ideas will skyrocket your own practice and dramatically change your students' practice.


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Practice, practice, practice

Yoga is an internal practice. In today's challenge we will do a short practice together and you will be given journaling prompts to contemplate on your own.

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The Cues Every Teacher Needs

You know how certain words elicit a certain reaction? The ability to give compelling verbal cues is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a good teacher. Learn my favorites today.

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Learn Loving Kindness Meditation

Arguably the entire tradition of yoga would not exist without meditation. Today we will do a loving kindness meditation together and you will be given an optional homework assignment to bring more mindfulness into your life.

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Breathe for Calmness

If you aren't breathing, you aren't doing yoga. Breath is a crucial element to practice. Today we will explore some simple breathing exercises that you can do to help you stay centered, calm, and focused.

Join The Challenge

The Own Your Yoga Practice Challenge kicks off  September 28. Sign up today! 

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Meet Jen

Jen is the creator of The Yoga Mentorship ProgramIntroduction To Ashtanga, and the hugely popular Pilates For Yogis

She is currently in her third decade of Ashtanga yoga practice. Jen has been teaching  yoga for 15 years and has worked with hundreds of students. 

Jen's belief that the transformative effects of yoga are for everyone has been the cornerstone of her highly acclaimed in-person trainings, retreats, and coaching.

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Thanks for the excellent program! My students really appreciated the new adjustments, my practice has shifted in many ways, and I felt a good connection with everyone. I loved your sutra and chanting expertise too. Thank you! So grateful. Eager for more.

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Jen helped me become more comfortable and learn how to fit the practice to my body rather than forcing my body to fit the practice.

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This program provided practical advice and excellent tools for those of us looking to teach.

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The course layout and materials combined with Jen's availability to answer questions is unique in value. What really stands out for me is the personal attention to each student. I was able to practice through Jen's instruction, knowing she would answer any questions based upon my individual practice.
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