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Up Level Your Practice

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Join my five day FREE training and start fine tuning your yoga practice so you can turn on the heat. Whether you are brand new to Ashtanga or if you have been practicing for years - this challenge will challenge you to find new ways to look at the postures.

Challenge begins March 2nd!

Here's What You'll Learn

In this FREE video training you'll get five instructional videos delivered to your inbox. Each video will reveal a useful practice trick that you can start implementing today. This training will teach strategies for enhancing your practice so that you can do things you never thought possible.

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Connect to Samasthihi

Day 1: It's not the most glamorous pose but it is the foundation for ALL the other postures. In this practice you need a strong foundation to ground you. Let's start building that foundation.

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Leg Day!

Day 2: Standing postures tone the legs and open the hips. Stuck on a pose? Go back here to the basics to extract more information. Today I teach you how to extract more from your standing poses.

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You Need Core

Day 3: Think you can do yoga without a strong core? Wrong. Think you can't get a strong core from yoga? Wrong again. In today's lesson I teach you new ways to use more core muscles in yoga.

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The Ultimate Pose

Day 4: Awww, lotus pose, or padmasana. This quintessential yoga pose requires open hips and consistent practice. Today we will look at some methods to make this pose accessible to you.

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Shoulder Day

Day 5: No practice is complete without working the shoulders. Shoulders are a key component to backbends and for many they can be a limiting factor. Today we'll learn unique stretches for the shoulders.

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The Primary Series Practice Challenge Kicks off March 2. Sign up today! 

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