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Renew, Restart, Recharge

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March 6 - March 12, 2022

Recharge Your Yoga

Are you curious about starting a yoga practice? Or maybe you feel like you just don't have time for yoga? Do you already do yoga but want to reignite your inspiration.

If you said yes to any of these questions, then this challenge is for you.

This challenge will give you 7 different practice options ranging from 15 to 40 minutes to help you kickstart your practice and build new habits. Each practice is appropriate for all levels. New students will be challenged and experienced students will learn more subtle techniques.

No matter if you're sore, tired, or busy there is a practice to meet you where you are.

Take the 7 day yoga challenge and on day 8 you'll be ready to go!


Here's How It Works

Day 1
Sun Salutations

The secret to anything is to begin! Today we start from the beginning by breaking down and fine tuning Surya Namaskara  - a sun salutation. 

Day 2
Short Standing Sequence

The standing sequence is the foundation of a yoga practice. Everything you learn will be built from this foundation. Today's practice is a short standing sequence plus a couple of seated postures that will give you a complete practice, even when you are short on time.

Day 3
Minimum Daily Requirement

This is the minimum daily requirement needed to maintain a consistent yoga practice. Today's practice builds on what you know and will leave you feeling strong, long, and calm.

Day 4
Full Standing Sequence

Today we combine everything that you have learned so far, and add in a few extra postures, to give you a complete standing sequence and complete range of motion. This sequence is safe and challenging.

Day 5
Short Form Primary Series

This an abbreviated version of the Ashtanga Primary Series that makes the practice accessible to all. It allows you to practice all the goodness of Ashtanga  - forward bends, twists, binds, backbends and more - even when you don't have much time.

Day 6
Energize and Open : Backbends

If you spend a lot of time at desk, driving, or hunched over a phone - this class is for you. Strengthen your backside and open your frontside in this introduction to backbends. You'll finish feeling energized and refreshed.

Day 7
Relax & Restore!

There is a reason a rest day is built into the Ashtanga Yoga Practice. The body needs to restore. Today's practice is a short restorative practice that will keep you limber, help you to relax, and give you a chance to slow down and breathe.


Ashtanga Essentials Workshop

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No matter if you are brand new to Ashtanga Yoga or if you have been practicing for years, there is always more to extract from the essentials. And the more you know about the essentials the better you'll do when you hit a road block in your practice.


Jen René is the founder of Ashtanga Central -  your hub for practice. Jen makes yoga fun and sustainable so that you can reap the benefits of this practice for a lifetime.

Jen's teaching is firmly rooted in her experience of practice. With nearly 20 years of practice under her belt and having worked with 1000s of students, Jen has a unique way of helping students get on their mats, reach their goals, and transform their minds and bodies.

Jen's success in teaching comes from her ability to break down seemingly complex postures and theories into step by step, paint by numbers "real talk" that ANYONE can apply.

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Success Stories


"Awesome! Thank you for slowing it down and f describing proper form and variations for positioning as you grow your strength and ability! I would love to learn more!"


"This was so helpful! I started ashtanga about a month ago having done various styles of yoga over the years. I am an older student and lack all the strength necessary for a neat chaturanga. The videos let me see clearly, the various options, and also explained step by step the way that it should look and feel. Thank you so much!"


"This is amazing. Thank you for being so generous and inspiring. It’s just what’s needed amongst those a climate of fear, uncertainty and reflection."

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