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Pilates for Yogis
4 Week Series

Uplevel your practice starting on January 8!

Four weeks of LIVE Pilates for Yogis classes over Zoom. Each class is carefully sequenced with Pilates exercises to improve your yoga practice. No two classes are ever the same!

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Mondays in January at 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST
The class is 45 minutes long, and a limited-time recording will be made available until February 5.

Pilates for Yogis

Interested in getting strong while keeping your flexibility?

Pilates for Yogis is for you.

In yoga there is much focus on opening up. It's easy to get addicted to the stretch. But, shifting gears to collecting yourself is helpful - for both strength and stability. That's where Pilates comes in.

Pilates teaches us to hug our midlines. The ability to find your central axis is crucial to balance, order, and structure in your body.



Here's How It Works

January 8

Pilates for Pelvic Stabilization

Maintaining flexibility and stability in the area around the pelvis is crucial to a sustainable yoga practice. A stable pelvis allows for effective lower limb mobility  and keeps the back and sacrum safe. Strengthening of the pelvic floor also strengthens mula bandha.

January 15

Pilates for Arm Balances

Today's practice focuses on core, shoulder girdle, arms, and a little of everything else. Arm balances aren't so much about arms as they are about full body integration. Learning to move from your power house in a coordinated way will improve your arm balances, inversions and transitions.

January 22

Pilates for Backbends and Twists

If you spend a lot of time at desk, driving, or hunched over a phone - this class is for you. Strengthen your posterior chain and open your frontside in this series of exercises designed to improve your backbends. You'll finish feeling energized and refreshed.

January 29

Pilates for Balance and Control

One of the best things about Pilates is that it teaches us to move from a place of control. That means less momentum, more stability, and better balance. In today's practice, we work on Pilates movements that improve balance and relate to the poses at the end of Primary.


Jen René is the founder of Ashtanga Central -  your hub for practice. Jen makes yoga fun and sustainable so that you can reap the benefits of this practice for a lifetime.

Jen's teaching is firmly rooted in her experience of practice. With nearly 20 years of practice under her belt and having worked with 1000s of students, Jen has a unique way of helping students get on their mats, reach their goals, and transform their minds and bodies.

Jen is a Pilates advocate and is certified to teach on all apparatus. She credits Pilates for keeping her safe and strong in yoga.

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Success Stories


"Love love love all Core for Yogis! So helpful for a bendy person like me."


"I have really enjoyed Jen's Pilates classes. I have found that both helped me in my Ashtanga practice to develop a greater sense of control, strength and stability (especially in back bending as well as inversions, like pincha mayurasana, karandavasana and handstands.)"


"Took core for yogis on Saturday, landed Bakasana B for the first time on Monday."

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