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Online Teacher Development Program

An interactive course designed for serious practitioners who want to dig deeper in their yogic studies and yoga teachers who want guidance in their profession and to feel more confident in their teachings.


This Program Will Include

  • Syllabus with a course outline and assignments
  • Weekly Zoom Call. This is an interactive call, but will be recorded for anyone who cannot participate live
  • Over three hours of adjustment videos on different body types demonstrating asanas from the Primary Series and beginning of Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Access to an online community to aid in the discussion of weekly lessons and foster interaction
  • Ashtanga Pranayama Introductory Video
  • Guided Meditations
  • Vedic Chanting Audio
  • Audio of the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit Asana names
  • Yoga Sutras Immersion
  • Regular practice and reading assignments in anatomy and philosophy

Here's What You'll Get

  • Build a working understanding of the yoga sutras and the relationship to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Develop a foundation for a seated meditation practice
  • Access to an Online Community for support in practice, teaching, and online discussions
  • Access to me! For help with your questions, getting unstuck, bouncing ideas off of, and support in practice and teaching
  • Build confidence in your knowledge of yoga philosophy and asana
  • New ideas for building community, class size, and marketing
  • Insight and lessons on being a yogi in a modern world
  • The tools you need to succeed in practice and teaching

Elevate Your Practice and Your Teaching

My program makes it easy for you to take your knowledge to the next level. Learn from wherever you are, at whatever time of the day or night best suits your schedule.

Week One

How Ashtanga Works
Energetics of Yoga
Meaning behind the Invocation
When and why to adjust
Asana adjustments
Anatomical Concepts: Shoulders
Foundation of Meditation Practice
Live Q&A

Week Two

How to advance your practice when practicing alone
How to build community
How to serve students
Yoga Sutra discussion
Asana Adjustments
Live Q&A

Week Three

How to work with injuries
How to maintain healthy boundaries
Introduction to Pranayama
Guided Meditation
Asana Adjustments
Live Q&A

Week Four

Ethical behavior in yoga as a means to cultivate personal strength
Defining and prioritizing self-care
Yoga Sutra discussion
Asana Adjustments
Live Q&A

Week Five

Overview of different types of trauma symptoms 
Potential ways trauma can be triggered in an asana practice
Strategies for how to respond when students’ trauma gets activated

Week Six

How to Market Yourself Like a Professional
What it means to hold space
Guided Meditation
Asana Adjustments
Live Q&A

Call Schedule Course will run in October 2020. Dates TBD soon!

July 1 - Pre-course work begins and online forum opens.

July 13 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

July 20 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

July 27 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

August 3 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

August 10 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

August 17 Saturday NO CALL

August 24 Saturday Zoom Call 8:00 AM PDT

All calls will be recorded and posted in the course forum and questions can be submitted in advance for those of you who cannot join in live.

Ready to Deepen Your Practice?

If you are ready to take the next step in your practice or your teaching, this program is for you. You'll get six weeks of high quality instruction on asana, philosophy, and the ins and outs of being a yogi and yoga teacher in a modern world.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for everyone! It's for students who want to go more in-depth in their Ashtanga study. It is for people who are interested in teaching. And it is for teachers who want mentorship in their profession.

All levels are welcome.

We will have a weekly Zoom call to discuss important topics such as ethics in yoga, how to market yourself like a professional, trauma sensitivity training, how to build community, how to sustain and advance your own practice when you practice alone. Each call will include a Q&A. These are interactive calls and you are encouraged to join live. 

There is also an online community forum. This allows for students in the course to discuss topic together online.

This is a 6 week long course. 

There will be a bundle of lessons released each week. They will include asana adjustment videos, a guided meditation, a Vedic chant, a yoga sutra discussion.

All calls are recorded and will be posted on the course forum to be watched at your convenience. You can submit any questions you would like answered on the call in advance.

You'll have access for one year - so you can review all the content as often as you need to.

You will have a reading list that includes a text and some online articles. You won't be quizzed on any of them, but we will use them as points of discussion in the online community.

I will also give you a few suggested assignments. Again, nothing that you hand in to me, but rather assignments to help you develop as a teacher and practitioner.

This is access to a private online community that is offered through my website. This is not social media! 

In the online community we will have a discussion board, announcements, feedback and more.

You don't have to teach to study. But you do have to study to teach. This course will make you more confident in your knowledge, practice, and teaching. It's for everyone.

No, this course is to help you gain knowledge as a teacher and practitioner. However, this course does qualify for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

Meet Your Teacher

Jen is a highly experienced yoga teacher and creator of The Yoga Mentorship ProgramIntroduction To Ashtanga, and the hugely popular Pilates For Yogis. Jen has trained thousands of students across the globe.

Jen has been teaching Ashtanga yoga for 15 years. She has proven success building a lasting community. She directed a thriving Mysore program in Washington, DC with more than eighty members, she consistently sells out workshops, retreats and trainings. Jen is currently teaching at Tim Miller's Ashtanga Yoga Center in Carlsbad, CA while she studies with Tim and works her way through the home stretch of Fourth Series.

Jen's belief that the transformative effects of Ashtanga Yoga are for everyone has been the cornerstone of her highly acclaimed in-person trainings, retreats, and coaching.

Jen has now taken her 15+ years of knowledge and experience to create an easy-to-follow roadmap designed to help you deepen your yoga practice and teaching. This six-week course will help you navigate through all the things you need to know to have a successful practice and career as a teacher, but that no one will tell you.

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Full Access to All Course Content

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