Four Week Series Begins Wednesday January 12

New Year, new yoga practice!

Learn the fundamental skills you need for a lifetime of yoga practice. This introduction will teach you EVERYTHING you need to get started.

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Introduction to Mysore

Curious about the Mysore style of yoga? You're invited to join me for this special four-part virtual workshop offered in a small group format.

In this live virtual workshop, you will be introduced to the Mysore Ashtanga system and practice elements of the Primary sequence emphasizing the foundational postures of Ashtanga. 

This is the perfect introduction to the Mysore style of Ashtanga Yoga. After this four-part introduction you will feel more confident in your own daily practice. This workshop is appropriate for all students, including beginners, who are curious about Mysore and/or wishing to deepen an Ashtanga practice.

You do not need prior experience with yoga to attend.

This four-part workshop will take place over four Wednesdays from 3pm-4:30pm Pacific Time.
January 12, 19, 26 and February 2. All classes are taught over Zoom in a small group format.
A recording will be made available.

Week 1: January 12

We will start with an exploration of the sun salutations and final three postures. This class will be mostly guided with an opportunity to repeat on your own.

Week 2: January 19

The second lesson will start with Mysore style sun salutations followed by guided standing postures. These are the fundamental postures of the Ashtanga method.

Week 3: January 26

Week 3 kicks off with Mysore style practice of the sun salutations and standing poses followed by an instructed exploration of the seated postures.

Week 4: February 2

In the last week of the Introduction to Mysore you will get to put together all the pieces that have been introduced to you in a traditional Mysore style practice.

Simple and Fun

Ashtanga isn't complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I've designed this simple and engaging learning experience for you to develop a lifelong yoga practice.

Learn Together

One of the most rewarding things about starting an Ashtanga practice is the community you are welcomed into. Come be a part of it - we're here for you! You'll have access to me for the entire program and an optional accountability buddy.

Introduction to Mysore is For You if:


Introduction to Mysore


Price goes up $10 on 12/30

  • Access to Introduction to Mysore four-part series LIVE over Zoom
  • Bonus Live Guided Class (also over Zoom)
  • Unlimited access to Ashtanga Essentials Online Mini Course (yours to keep!)
  • Recordings of Introduction to Mysore so you can practice at home
  • Online support in your practice
  • Accountability partner

The Secret is to Begin

You know those beautiful yoga practices that you've always seen and wondered, how can a person do that? Those people used to be beginners. We all did. There's no time like right now to get started on a yoga practice that will support you in the rest of your life. Whether you're brand new to yoga, new to Ashtanga yoga, or looking to develop and refine new skills, this four-week introduction will meet you where you are.

Student Testimonials


"Jen René has opened up the world of Ashtanga to me with her inclusive approach and crystal clear teaching style."  



I finally have a clear and solid direction to take my practice!  Jen has helped me become more comfortable and learn how to fit the practice to my body rather than forcing my body to fit the practice. For the first time ever I really feel as if Ashtanga is possible for me.