How to Not Suck at Second Series

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Learning Second Series is hard. Getting the help you need doesn't have to be.

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Here's What You'll Learn

Here's a preview of the lessons included in this challenge. Each day I will teach you some of my favorite tips and tricks accumulated from 14 years practicing the Second Series of Ashtanga yoga. The keys shared in these tutorial videos will give you ideas to improve your practice and help you find more ease in some of the most challenging parts of Second Series.

I know that Second Series is freaking hard. I've been doing it for more than ten years and guess what? It's STILL freaking hard. Everyone falls in Second Series. Everyone face plants at least a few times and most people do it every day. 

But those who get back up and try it again - those are the ones that finish the series. 

Wherever you are, BEGIN. No prior experience with Second Series needed. This training is designed to make you feel empowered by how much you can do.

Asana Connections

How the Wall Can Help in Pasasana

Nothing says Hello Second Series quite like Pasasana. In today's lesson we'll make connections between standing poses, Primary Series poses and Pasasana. We'll also cover how the wall can get you closer to Pasansana.

Use Resistance

My #1 Kapotasana Tip

Time and time again I have seen students making this crucial mistake in Kapotasana. If you know the fundamentals of the pose, but can't quite get  your hands to your feet, you could be making this big mistake.

20 Minutes Until Kapo

Strategies for Foot Behind Head

Foot Behind Head is a fundamental movement in the Ashtanga sequence. In today's lesson we'll learn strategies to help you progress in this challenging asana.

Control in Pincha Mayurasana

The set up for Pincha Mayurasana is as important as the pose itself. Today we'll talk about setting up, how a block can help you, and learn how to enter with control.

Send Help! Karandavasana Tricks

Karandavasana demands strength and flexibility. In today's lesson you'll learn how to work your legs into lotus while inverted. And don't worry, if lotus isn't your jam, I'll teach you an alternative.

Join the How to Not Suck at Second Series 5 Day Challenge

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What Students are Saying

Second Series Student Danette


Loved the Second Series Course - you gave us all strategies to progress. 

Second Series Student Alyx


Jen's Second Series Intensive is amazing because it will meet you where you are - whether you've just started practicing second or are already onto the next. 

Imagine what it would feel like to have more than a decade of experience shared with you?


You are frustrated because Second Series just seems too hard or inaccessible to you.

You DREAD kapotasana (or whatever your nemesis pose is).

❌ You keep doubting yourself with thoughts I doing this right?

You feel clueless and like you can't do it.

❌  You feel like all your prior yoga accomplishments are meaningless. You are in the point of Second Series where you have started to lose postures.


You are more confident in your ability to figure out the poses of Second Series.

✅ You are having fun learning in your practice.

You can find connections between Primary Series and Second Series.

✅  You finish practice feeling  excited because you are empowered by your practice.

✅ You feel like you have healthy sense of control of your journey through Second Series.