Feeling Anxious?

Ready to release your anxiety? I know these are crazy times, and I'm right here experiencing it with you. When life feels like it's spinning out of control, there's no better feeling than the solid ground beneath your feet. Especially during such challenging times, meditation and simple pranayama can help you to get in touch with you, and help find stability amidst uncertainty. If you're interested in these free meditations, sign up here.

You've got this.

In these uncertain times, be sure to take good care of yourself - body and mind.

As someone who's suffered from anxiety for most of their life, I know how it feels to be in your head, to feel like your heart is in your throat, to feel tightness in your chest as your thoughts get the best of you.

When anxiety spikes, it feels like I'm losing my grounding, and chaotic times like this are certainly a trigger for anxiety.

Now is a time for nurturing yourself, and for providing yourself with a sense of safety and love. 

That's why I created this guided meditation and pranayama breathing video for you.

Connecting to your breath allows for a shift of the nervous system and brings awareness to the here and now. This relieves anxiety, because anxiety lives in the future. The seated meditation will help you feel grounded and connected to the earth.

In my experience, these techniques are helpful for quieting thoughts and relieving anxiety. They don't take much time, and are appropriate for all levels. You don't have to be spiritual or religious.

If you find yourself feeling anxious or trapped in the cycle of thoughts, sign up now and start learning these simple techniques to ground you and help bring you peace.

Please know that I am very aware of how unsettling and disruptive this virus event is, on so many levels. Things are chaotic for many of us right now. My heart goes out to all those who are affected by COVID-19, and my hope with this video is to support what is best for you and your loved ones at this time. Take good care of yourself and others.

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Pratyahara Pranayama

Breathing is the most habituated thing that we do. In this simple pranayama video, you will be taught two exercises to bring awareness to your breath. Through this technique, you will reconnect to the moment, feel more grounded, and deepen your sense of being present in the moment.

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Meditation for the Asana Lover

Starting a new practice can be daunting, especially without working personally with a teacher. That's why I made this audio meditation to bring greater awareness to what you already know: your actual seated position. 

And Breathe

Get started today with mindfulness practices to ground you.

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