Are you ready for positive movement forward? 
Do you feel like you're trying to figure out too much on your own?
Want the help of someone who pushed play a little earlier than you? Someone who is further ahead on the journey?


Mentorship Program

Recommended for anyone looking to continue their education for teaching and self inquiry.

  • Establish your teaching goals and growth trajectory. I will help you stay accountable.
  • Develop your skills as a teacher through practical teaching sessions and coaching.
  • Establish your teaching voice.
  • Identify and define your leadership roll in your community.
  • Work smarter so that teaching yoga is sustainable both physically and financially. 
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries with students, sustain your own yoga practice, and use your powers of discernment to help you make ethical decisions.
  • Be supported by someone who has been there before and can help you see where you are going.

This six month mentorship program includes:

Monthly One on One Calls
You will meet with your mentor individually monthly. Use this opportunity to identify your teaching and practice goals, ask questions, and monitor your teaching progress. You will be given reading and journaling assignments relevant to your goals.

Practice Teaching
Gain practical teaching hours and receive immediate feedback from your mentor.

Asana Practice
You must practice with your mentor or an approved teacher. If this is not possible based on your location, you will have a monthly asana private online. This will be followed by Q and A. You must be committed to a daily practice.

You will assist your mentor one-on-one at least two times (geography permitting). 

Self Study
You will be required to complete assignments and readings tailored to your goals.

Yoga as a Career
You will receive guidance on how to turn your passion into a sustainable career. You will learn how to create healthy boundaries, hold yourself to a high ethical standard, and all the things you don't learn in a teacher training.

Create a Vision
Get support from someone who understands where you are now and has a bigger vision for you than you can have for yourself.

* program is adjustable to meet your needs and specific goals


Commit to Yourself Now!

Ready to commit to your development as a practitioner and teacher? Want to create a vision for yourself that's too big to hold all on your own?



Monthly Zoom Call

* Program tailored to your individual needs and goals.




Monthly Zoom Call

* Program tailored to your individual needs and goals.

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"Even though I've moved away from DC, I travel 600 miles (each way) monthly to work on Third Series with Jen. Her ability to teach from such a high level of experience while tailoring instruction to my personal practice is something I have not been able to find anywhere else. "

Krista Block
Yoga Teacher

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