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Intro to Building a Better Backbend

Want Better Backbends?

Just like with most postures in yoga, there's more to a good backbend than it sounds like! You know that there's more to it than just bending your back, but how do you really build a better, safer, more stable backbend? Well, with the FREE introduction series to my "Build a Better Backbend" course, we can start down the path to a stronger backbend together.


It's More Than Just Your Back

Learn to properly engage your legs, glutes, chest, shoulders, and other body parts to get more from your backbends. Approaching back-bending as a way to strengthen the entire backside of your body is a game changer.

Let Your Chest and Shoulders Breathe

It's easy to forget sometimes that it's not the natural state of the human body to feel like a big crumpled up ball of paper. Learning to let your chest and shoulders "decongest" will not only help you safely reach longer, stronger backbends, but will also make you feel a lot better!

Build a Solid Foundation

This might come as no surprise, but building a better backbend can be about way more than just backbends! Focusing on different elements of your chaturanga, upward and downward facing dogs, and asanas like the Bow and Locust poses can make a huge difference in building a proper backbend.

"That tip you taught in upward facing dog was so cool. Absolute game changer. Love it!"


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