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Interactive Courses
Primary Series Interactive Online Study

Primary Series Interactive Online Study

JANUARY 16, 2021

The comprehensive online course for learning Primary Series. Tutorial videos, live classes, group meetings, and personalized feedback. This two month interactive course will improve your practice and deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga method.

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Second Series Interactive Online Study

Begins March 20, 2021

Second Series made easy, fun, and accessible. This two month long course dives deep into the subtle details of the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga with tutorial videos, practices, group discussions and so much more. 

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Second Series Interactive Online Study
Your Practice, Your Cycle Course

Your Practice, Your Cycle Course


An online women's circle that's open to all, to discuss our menstrual cycles and the effect they have on our practices. (And vice versa!)

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Teacher Training and Development


For more confident teachers.

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Teacher Training and Development


Build a Better Backend

Mindfulness and proper anatomical alignment are crucial to the long-term practice of backbends. In this workshop, you will learn how to safely bend your back. We will start with and exploration of upward-facing dog and will build up to full backbend. In this workshop, you will carefully and safely open the front side of the body and find length in the backside of the body.

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Ashtanga Essentials

This workshop will focus on the Ashtanga essentials: Tristhana, Vinyasa, and Sun Salutations.

Tristhana loosely translates into three standing places — in Ashtanga these are the breath, posture, and gazing point.

Vinyasa is the system of breathing and moving, which generates heat and cleansing.

Sun salutations string together body, breath, mind, and soul, connecting our breath to our movement and beginning the practices of yoga and meditation.

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Core for Yogis

This workshop focuses on some key Pilates and core-strengthening movements that will help build strength in your asana practice.

Expect an emphasis on core strength, controlled movement, and correct muscle activation. The precision of these core movements rehabilitates, stabilizes, and strengthens, making for a more aligned and strong asana practice.

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Mysore Semi-Private

Just like a regular Mysore class, but turned up a notch. This is a small group Mysore class. Come prepared to work hard, get lots of feedback, and do postures more than once. And yes, if you get a group of people together you can have your own semi-private group.

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Arm Balances and Inversions

As it turns out, handstands have little to do with our hands! Join me to explore and break down the fundamentals of going upside down. In this workshop you will gain comfort and ease with this fun, liberating asana, using breath, bandhas, and full-body integration to find strength and alignment.

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Be Hippy

There are so many reasons to do hip-opening poses. As modern-day humans with modern-day human routines, we all tend to hold a lot of tightness and stress in our hips. This workshop will take the student through a hip sequence to improve range of motion and work towards difficult asanas such as lotus and foot behind head.

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Sthira Bhaga

Sthira Bhaga

Join Jen for a live workshop that will introduce the Third Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The intent of this workshop is to support you where you are in your practice, make asana connections to the postures of Third Series, and give you a glimpse of the future. You will finish feeling empowered by everything you can do!

Meditation IRL

Meditation IRL

The real benefit of meditation is the way we can integrate the practice into the rest of our lives.

In this workshop you will learn how to develop a meditation practice, how it affects your mind and why it’s critical in modern times. A daily practice can help improve the quality of your life. You will learn techniques to sustain a daily meditation practice which can ultimately change your life and help you find deep and lasting peace.

Weightless Transitions

Weightless Transitions

In yoga, transitions can be more difficult than the pose itself. In their simplest form, transitions are just about learning to lift and transfer your body weight. This workshop is designed to break transitions down and make them more accessible, with a focus on moving from your center and moving effortlessly through transitions including sun salutations, jump backs, and jump throughs.



Monthly workshops, office hours, and virtual classes plus so much more. Get all the benefits of a studio and having a teacher from home.

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"Love love love all Core for Yogis! So helpful for a bendy person like me."


"Took core for yogis on Saturday, landed Bakasana B for the first time on Monday."


"Jen Rene is a pioneer in the Ashtanga world for women. I very much appreciate her accessible approach to the practice. In a future-focused way, she is able to preserve the essence of the Ashtanga tradition, yet teaches with modernity. As a practitioner I feel taken care of and as a teacher I feel endlessly inspired."


"It's like having a Mysore program but online and in the comfort of your home! Jen's feedback from this study is true gold and vastly advanced my practice. Amazing course for all yogis!"




"Jen’s Primary Series Interactive is such a wonderful program.  The level of involvement and feedback she provides is incredible.  I finally have a clear and solid direction to take my practice and I love Jen’s approach in regards to practicing.  I’m no longer afraid of the Ashtanga Police!  Jen has helped me become more comfortable and learn how to fit the practice to my body rather than forcing my body to fit the practice. For the first time ever I really feel as if Ashtanga is possible for me."



"I would recommend Jen's Primary Series Interactive online course to students looking to deepen their practice as well as teachers who want to enrich their knowledge.  The course helped me stay accountable and develop a commitment to my home practice.  Jen provided detailed feedback on my practice to move me to the next level in poses.  As we know, there is always something to work on!  The live calls were informative and allowed us to ask Jen questions as well as learn from others.  I picked up a ton of practice and teaching tips from the library of videos that are included.  Overall great investment!"


"I took Jen Rene's Second Series Interactive Online Course 2019  and it was wonderful. Everything was thoroughly planned and executed. I will be utilizing her learning materials - for as long as I'm able. I loved how Jen created videos that both: showed the poses in their more final/traditional forms -so that we know what we're working towards, as well as always also videos where the poses and flow were modified and broken down, so that we have stepping stones in getting to those "final" forms. All of the interactive phone calls were very useful. However, the greatest highlight is having Jen Rene analyze and leave feedback on your practice videos; which she did weekly. Her eye is impeccable and her feedback invaluable. I couldn't recommend her Second Series Interactive Online Course more.”


"I took the Primary Series Interactive with the main goal of improving as an Ashtanga teacher. It definitely helped me with that, as well as with my yoga practice. Jen is very knowledgeable and presents the information in this course in a clear and down-to-earth way that makes it accessible to any level of student or teacher. The pre-recorded videos are great and I am happy to have them to refer back to in the future. The zoom calls and Facebook group were also very helpful in talking through what is covered in the videos, getting a chance to ask questions and learn from other students. Jen gives a lot of attention and care to the material she is covering and to each student in this course. I highly recommend it."


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