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Intro to Weightless Transitions

Weightless Transitions are Within Your Reach!

As difficult as it may seem, floating through your transitions is within your reach – literally! With this FREE introduction to my Weightless Transitions series, you'll get a taste of just how much you can lengthen and strengthen all the components of your transitions to float your way from pose to pose.


You Might Have More Length Than You Think

It's easy to look at jump-backs and jump-throughs and think, "My arms just aren't long enough for that!" Think again – a stronger core can lead to longer reach in your transitions!

Blocks Are Your Friends

Blocks are a staple prop for a reason – they help. But that doesn't mean they make things easy for you! Learn to get the lift you need on blocks so you can get that same lift without them.

You Can Do This!

As is the case with most things in yoga, smoother transitions can be a simple matter of strengthening your fundamentals and putting the pieces together. That doesn't mean it's easy, but you can do this.


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