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Ashtanga Central is the complete online resource for continuing your yoga education, providing all the in-depth explanations, examples, and resources of a studio right in the comfort of your own home.

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Hi friends! I’m Jen René.

And this is Ashtanga Central! If you’re a serious student or yoga teacher, this site is for you.

Ever feel stuck on an asana? Or like you don’t even know where to begin? Do you feel like you're in this alone? Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Maybe you just want to have some people to talk about yoga with. If any of that sounds familiar, this is the site for you!

If you're looking for someone who’s put in the time, who knows what works, who has practiced with the best teachers ever, and who has trained HUNDREDS of practitioners then I can help you.

It's smart to want a teacher who’s taught hundreds of students and worked with hundreds of different body types, who’s been practicing for a couple decades, and who's honed not only their yoga skills but also their skills in communicating with students. It’s smart to want a teacher who is a little farther down the yogic path to help show you the way.

That's why I'm inviting you to join the waitlist for my Ashtanga Central Program. The current session is closed, but I know you don't want to miss registration next time around!

Just watch the video on this page, and read all the details you want. But whatever you do, do yourself this extraordinary favor today: SIGN UP!

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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Join Jen in guided practices, with something for every yogi at every level: Standing Postures, Led Primary, Guided Primary, Introduction to Second, and Second Series. (And even some Pilates for moon days!)



Office Hours

Every month Jen will offer live office hours. This will be a live Q&A session, and nothing yoga-related is off the table. You can ask personal questions about your practice or submit your asana videos for personalized feedback and instruction.

Live Trainings

Join the community every month for a live training. Each training will be at least one hour long, with discussions focused either on asana or on philosophy and theory. Students can tune in live to participate and ask questions, or catch the replay later!

Asana Library

Delve into a complete library of asana tutorial videos. In this exclusive content, Jen teaches various postures in a thorough step-by-step approach. Connections are made between advanced postures and fundamental poses, and modifications are offered.

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"Jen Rene has opened up the world of Ashtanga to me with her inclusive approach and crystal clear teaching style." 

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"The videos are full of such good information. Each time I watch, I feel I pick up on something different. I also feel the videos have been able to grow with me and my practice. It's not just something you watch once and are done with, but I find each time I watch them I find something new to work on or extract in my practice."

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