Advanced Core for Yogis

This Pilates master class focuses on exercises that teach you how to hug your midline and move from your central axis. Finding your central axis is crucial for backbends, inversions and twists - but also helpful for chaturanga, standing poses and even walking!


Hug Your Midline

If we are able to find and hug our midlines in various yoga asanas we will build stability, strength, and ultimately find better balance - regardless of our orientation. 

Find Your Central Axis

The ability to find your central axis is important because it helps you find balance, order, and structure in your body. Being able to find your midline helps you to orientate your body. This is helpful for poses like headstand, handstands and backbends.

Integrate Your Body

This course will help you pull your right side and your left side into your midline and your front side and your back side into your midline - this means more strength and fewer injuries.




Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll be introduced to key exercises in building strength to help you find your central axis. These are exercises that I believe to be hugely beneficial in training your body to find proprioception and balance in advanced asana. No matter what your level of experience is, you will find this Pilates sequence to be a game changer.

In this video I will teach you key Pilates exercises that train your body in finding your midline. This challenging sequence will focus on you pulling everything into the middle of your body. These exercises will leave you feeling energized and fully charged.

By building awareness and strength through this Pilates sequence you will train your body so that you are better able to find and activate the key muscles needed for difficult yoga asanas. By doing these Pilates exercises you will teach your body how to isolate certain muscle groups so that you are better able to find them and use them when you are moving into a challenging yoga pose.

Change Your Balance

Click the button to get Advanced Core for Yogis and start repatterning your body now so that you are better able to balance - regardless of what position you might find yourself in. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

"I love Jen's Pilates videos. They have been very helpful to my yoga practice. Highly recommend."

Debbie Picolino Saag
Yoga Teacher

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